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Architecture Design

ZIGAR KHAN & Associates is one of the few Architectural firms
registered with Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners.


Zigar Khan Architecture and Associates is a renowned firm that constantly strives for innovation in its designs. Their approach involves incorporating cutting-edge technologies, local cultural influences, and sustainable materials to create designs that are both functional and visually appealing. The firm has received numerous awards for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainable architecture.


Zigar Khan’s team of architects and designers push the boundaries of traditional architectural concepts to create designs that are unique, inspiring, and memorable. Their portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from commercial buildings and public spaces to residential homes and cultural landmarks. Overall, Zigar Khan Architecture and Associates continues to be a leading firm in the field of architecture, combining innovation and creativity to deliver exceptional designs that stand the test of time.


Make your statement in style

As an architecture and design company, our work is centered around understanding the needs and desires of our clients and translating them into functional and aesthetic spaces.



A post-construction evaluation is done to determine if design goals were met and improvements needed. This ensures successful project completion while meeting client and design standards.



We create sustainable, modern buildings using latest technology and standards, working closely with clients to meet their needs and budget. We constantly develop our architecture expertise to exceed expectations and stay ahead of the industry.

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Being a well-established Architectural & Engineering firm, with a very strong core team, gives us an edge over many others in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Planning as we incorporate our skills to not only to decorate a space but also enhance the spatial quality. Our projects are known for their innovative design,comfort and user friendliness. Our aim is to use ourimagination and creativity to help our clients realizetheir dreams. Our team is devoted to achieving higheststandards of client satisfaction.


Form concept to function

We specialize in high-quality architecture services from concept to function. Our expert team transforms your ideas into elegant, functional designs with innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology. We take a client-centric approach, working closely with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality. From concept development to project management, we provide comprehensive services for commercial, residential, and interior projects. Let us help you achieve your dream space with unmatched expertise and attention to detail.